Company Profile

“FiEdge” was born a decade ago but officially it announced as “FiEdge Technologies Pvt. Ltd.” in 2014. Since then the Company has been a pioneer and has retained position in the manufacturing of electrical equipments.

Our unique and diverse portfolio ranges from Electrical Shock Proofing Device, Lighting, Electronic Ballast, Voltage Regulators, Transformers, and Fans, thus enhancing many aspects of industrial and personal life of consumers.

FiEdge has been aggressively interested and investing in Research & Development, product certifications, product quality, safety and security devices.

FiEdge’s Research & Development, located in Delhi, India, has been recognised for its innovation and Research, and received the prestigious award from “National Science Exhibition by Govt of Delhi” for its outstanding achievements in technology,

The Company is focusing on creating Artificially Intelligent Device, which makes life more easy, secure and safe.

Thanks to our well structured, sophisticated business model and well equipped LAB, FiEdge is well positioned to provide its customers with best technology and great solutions. We have highest satisfied customer, because of we have good quality of our products and quicker service.

FiEdge Technologies Pvt. Ltd. enviable market dominance across a wide spectrum of products, including Industrial & Domestic Life saving device from electricity, Fans, LED Lamps, Electronic Ballast, Voltage Regulator/Stabilizer and many more other Artificially Intelligent Device.


Our mantra for Success is:

Honour: We are having honesty and strong moral principles because we have complete alignment in what we feel, what we speak and what we do.

Faith: We belief in the reliability and truth.

Joint Effort: We believe in “One For All and All For One” to achieve customer expectation and organisation objective.

Innovation: We continuously explore, develop, create and implement new technology, processes, ideas and products to make human life more easy, secure and safe.

The core of FiEdge Technologies Pvt. Ltd. achievement lies in the expertise of its team of well professionals, strong relationships and the ability to adapt swiftly and efficiently, coupled with the vision to always sense ahead.


The ‘First’ from FiEdge are:

STEALTH (Electrical Shock Proofing Device).

AIMS (Artificially Intelligent Motor System).


Future Projects:

  1. Free of cost Electricity from earth energy.
  2. Anti-Gravity Device and Vehicles.
  3. Prosthetic Body Part (Eyes, Ears, Hand & Legs).



FiEdge Technologies Pvt. Ltd.  

Innovating Ideas